No matter how advantageous prices might be for buying, investor home kitchen upgrades are likely to be necessary. Bathrooms and kitchens are the most expensive remodeling projects per square foot. This makes it understandable that current owners have not made these renovations or upgrades, especially if they were struggling just to make the mortgage payments.

One common challenge in getting an investment home ready for the market is assessing the damages done by previous owners or tenants. Quite frequently, investors discover that all of the cabinetry has been ripped out of the kitchen. Investors know kitchens are the most expensive rooms to remodel and upgrade. They also know that cabinets account for about half of the cost of a kitchen upgrade.

Before an investor can begin the effort to flip a home, kitchen upgrades will probably be necessary. This has come to be part of the landscape of investment property. Nevertheless, there is some good news – there are intelligent ways to install high quality cabinets at a deeply discounted price.

There are several ways to buy kitchen cabinets:

  1. Custom cabinets, completely made to order, are the most expensive option.
  2. Semi-custom cabinets are only available in standard sizes, but there is a good bit of variety in terms of styles, interior options, finishes, accessories and wood choices.
  3. Stock cabinets offer much more limited options. They will be available only in a limited number of styles, finishes and woods. They also come only in standard sizes.
  4. Knock-down cabinets are ready to take home from the store and install. There will be relatively little variety in sizes, finishes and styles.

The size and value of the home will ultimately determine the amount you are willing to invest in upgrading the kitchen of any home. Custom kitchens are certainly desirable; but they might not be cost-effective. On the other hand, you might want more flexibility than you can expect from knock-down or stock cabinets.

The challenge when upgrading a kitchen on a budget is limiting the cost and getting the best cabinetry you can afford. Virtually every survey done about why people do or do not buy particular homes indicates the importance of the kitchen and the bathrooms. Because cabinetry defines the style and design of a kitchen, it is of vital importance when potential buyers view a home.

There is a way to save a bundle when you upgrade the kitchen in an investment property. By working with the right cabinetmaker, you can install cabinetry that has all of the characteristics of custom cabinets for less than the average price of semi-custom work. Your cabinetmaker can work with direct-purchase stock or semi-custom cabinets and customize them to meet the needs you have for a high-quality kitchen in an investment property.

Your cabinetmaker will help you design the kitchen upgrades and remodel using stock or semi-custom cabinets wherever possible. Then s/he will customize other cabinets to fit unusual spaces, to include accessibility and organizing features, and even to offer specialized storage options. Because this craftsman buys directly from the manufacturer, the price of the cabinets will often be less than the price of lower quality cabinets in a home improvement store.

By working closely with an innovative cabinetmaker, you can remodel every investor home kitchen with beautiful cabinetry that will enhance the value of the home when you are ready to sell it. Because your cabinetmaker can customize cabinets to meet every homeowner’s needs, you can refurbish your investment properties with higher quality cabinets and add unique customized features that will help the kitchens sell your properties.

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