Planning an entire kitchen remodel can be a truly fun experience yet not all of us have the money for a complete kitchen upgrade. Instead of turning your entire kitchen upside down, you can start with a few basic, essential kitchen upgrades that won’t cost you an arm and a leg but will make a dramatic difference to your kitchen.

First, you can address the ever-plaguing problem of storage with an overhead pots and pans rack. Simple to install and relatively affordable, this upgrade will add interest and function to your kitchen. The fun is in choosing which material is best for your overhead rack. Copper or brass would be right at home in a rustic or old world kitchen while stainless steel would perfectly compliment a contemporary kitchen.

Lighting always makes a huge impression for any room in your home but you might not think it is super important for your kitchen. In fact, decorative lighting fixtures can add important touches to your kitchen d├ęcor. Try looking for interesting wall sconces and matching chandeliers for a lush, romantic look for your kitchen.

Another simple upgrade can be found in a new or refurbished kitchen table. If you love the style of your current kitchen table, you can easily antique it for an old world look, add laminate for a retro style or simply paint it to match your new color scheme. If you are in the market for a new table or dining set, consider materials such as glass for a more modern look or reclaimed wood for an eco-friendly table.

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