When it comes to kitchen remodeling, most of the people start by visiting local cabinet shop. This is the right choice if they do whole project from start to finish. I mean the entire project, including: design, cabinets fabrication, counter top, demolition, plumbing, electric and installation. Otherwise it will cost more money and more aggravation.

My best recommendation is to find local woodwork company specializing in fabrication and installation of they own custom build furniture. It is an absolute must that they have a general contractor license and liability insurance. You want a General Contractor license for 2 reasons. One is for permits, so you are protected and 2nd to make sure they certified and know code requirements.

They need to have liability insurance in case they cut a pipe in the wrong place and flood your house or apartment. Same goes for any other damages that may occur during remodeling project.

And lastly, they need to have manufacturing facility where cabinets get build from scratch. I would recommend personally visit that facility, to make sure they do woodwork and not just buying Chinese cabinets made out of particleboard, refinish them and installing.

Let’s say your local company met all those criteria. Now we are going to estimate a kitchen remodeling project.

Assume you have 12′ x 12 ‘ kitchen.

Demolition will range from $900-1500 including removing old cabinets from the property for disposal, disconnecting sink, dishwasher machine and stove. Price will change based on the complicity of the kitchen and whether it’s a granite or Formica counter top.

Some companies will require you to pay for professionally done design and drawings, which may cost you around $350 for drawings and design.

I would also recommend filing the permit with a city, just for cabinets replacement it should not cost you much – around $50-100.

Let’s look at the cabinets. You need to know your linear size of cabinets for upper and lower cabinets. Areas, with cabinets installed on the floor and wall – linear foot will go for $190 per linear foot. So, if you have 9 feet wall with lower and top cabinets – consider price $1,710 (9 feet X $190).

What’s included?

Cabinets framing, shelves, drawers with soft close sliders, soft close door hinges, basic doors (laminated or thermo foil) and handles installation (you provide handles).

If your walls have only bottom or only top cabinets then the cost will be $95 per linear foot. Meaning if you have 4 linear feet of cabinets on the top of the oven, then cost for that cabinets is $760 (4 feet X $95).
If you planning to make shelves to slide out or add Lazy Susan or waste container slide out – add cost of those items plus installation.

Counter top: this is where you have choice of installing granite or just Formica top. Granite goes $30-50 per sq.feet, plus delivery and installation.

The last one is kitchen cabinets installation. Depend on complicity of the kitchen it could go from $1500 and up.

And of course, prices will vary and different based on material you choose for your kitchen cabinets. Cabinet doors will affect your price a lot. Solid wood doors may add $50-100 per door.

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