Regular maintenance of the kitchen work top is necessary for a clean kitchen. cleaning kitchen work surfaces is quite easy once you are aware about the properties of the different types of work tops used in the kitchen and cleaning techniques required for taking care of those surfaces.

First of all start with wiping the dirt, leftover food particles and any dust off the surface. It is better to use moist sponge or soft cloth to wipe the countertop to avoid any damage or scratching on the surface. Mix warm water and dish washing liquid detergent there after to remove any stubborn dirt along with any stains on the counter top. Scrub the entire surface and then rinse it with warm water. Wipe it dry with soft cloth or clean towel. If still there are any stains left, moist the surface with a soft cloth and sprinkle some baking soda on it. Use the cloth to wipe the baking soda over the stains. Rinse it again and wipe it with a clean towel.

Immediately clean any spilt liquid on the counter top surface. This is especially important for the wooden work tops since the spills and residues will penetrate and stain the wood. Rub the wooden work top firmly with a cloth and washing liquid solution. Apply oil to the wooden work tops regularly. On the stainless steel countertops, finger prints is quite a problem requiring constant attention. A soft microfiber cloth can clean most of the finger marks. Use a drop of baby oil on the surface to remove the finger marks. With stainless steel surfaces do not use wire wool or abrasive materials. These will scratch and damage the surface. For cleaning granite work tops, it is advisable to use hot water or a good quality stone cleaner instead of chemical cleaners. Do not use disinfectant cleaner all the time. Soapy water is quite sufficient for cleaning.

Maintenance of laminate work tops is relatively easy, however there are certain things that should be avoided. Avoid cutting directly on the surface. Do not burn cigarette butts on the countertop. Do not let water stand for long duration. Maintenance for stone surfaces is quite simple too. It is always better to avoid using abrasive cleaning pads since these could dull the polished finish. Cleaning the countertops surface can be achieved with a cleaning solution made of equal quantity of water and bleach. Tiles are also a very good option for the countertops and its maintenance is relatively simple. But the grout cleaning between the tiles could be a problem in the long run and can take a lot of time and effort.

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