There are countless ways to entertain guests in your home. Surprisingly, however, some of the best dinner parties and other events are actually held outside. With the right landscaping plans and a number of impressive outdoor amenities and features, you can cook for and feed large numbers without ever having to welcome people into your abode.

While this might seem anti-social, many homeowners who regularly entertain guests view their living quarters as their own, private sanctuaries. Entertaining outside allows you to preserve your personal space while still make people feel appreciated and comfortable. This is especially true when you have a fully-equipped, outdoor kitchen.

These are cooking stations at the property exterior that have all of the same amenities that can be found indoors. They are usually situated on wooden or stone patios, however, they can also be build directly atop concrete pads. If you have an existing flagstone walkway, you can even put your outdoor kitchen on this.

One of the first and most obvious additions is a comfortable seating area for your guests. This should be a covered space so that people can talk and dine comfortably even when the weather is hot or during times of light rainfall. The covering you use can be a permanent, wooden structure or you can shop around for tables with their own in-built, canvas awnings.

It is important to have a number of attractive, aesthetic additions for creating the right ambiance. Multi-layer, outdoor lighting plans that include barn lights, lamppost lighting, LED lights and other lighting elements will make the space both flexible and adaptable. Placing your dining area near a water feature such as a small pond, can also give the area a sense of peace and tranquility that are guests will readily enjoy.

Most adults like having the ability to serve high-quality drinks to their guests and thus, there are countless options in outdoor bars that you can install. With a little skill and ingenuity, your outside bar can include a functional refrigerator or freezer and access to running water. You can stock all of you favorite mixers and spirits and can additionally maintain a small, cocktail area for special drink garnishes.

A good grill or cooktop is an essential element in your outdoor kitchen as this is where you’ll be cooking a large majority of your food. Some of the best options have two to four burners. These can be used to prepare a number of sumptuous side dishes while you grill your meats. Stations like these are also good for preparing complete breakfasts or brunches at time when you want to host guests early on in the day rather than later in the evening.

Consider the benefits of investing in a wood fired pizza oven. This will significantly enhance the number of meals that you’re capable of preparing. In addition to serving up cheesy slices of pizza or focaccia bread, you can also make your own pita breads and tortillas. Equipment this flexible and adaptable will make your outdoor meals the talk of the town while giving you plenty of exciting ways to feed your family and friends.

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