It’s also crucial to have an established budget and stick to it. This way, bringing home samples to fall in love with won’t end up in disappointment at the store when realizing they are well out of the set price range.

Lifestyle Plays an Important Role

As mentioned above, the person or family needs and lifestyle should be first when browsing new countertops and cabinets. Kitchen cabinet dealers carry a variety of options to include bass styles and tall options to keep things out of reach of children, or make them more accessible. Need to save floor space and have ample storage? These are things to take into consideration.

Do the same for countertops. Concrete, granite and would need maintenance such as oiling and sealing, but laminate, stainless steel, quartz and engineered stones take very little. Consider how easily they can stain as well. Marble is known for staining easily.


Textures and colors are also very important considerations. Kitchen cabinet dealers offer solid wood, metal, bamboo, glass and other materials. Some cabinets may be painted or stained as well. Consider contrasting colors when matching cabinets to countertops, such as black and white. Also, a great way to be bold and contemporary is to pick a bright color and combine it with stainless steel.

Laminate is known for offering many colors and patterns, and is a best seller for kitchen cabinet dealers. Search for countertops that have flex of color and then compliment those flecks by choosing a cabinet that matches. Combine glass with wood to create an interesting combo of textures.

Be Stylish

If not changing the existing d├ęcor of the room, it’s important to match the decorating style when choosing cabinetry and countertops. Dark cabinets enhance stainless-steel appliances, and granite looks stunning with wood that’s distressed and old-world style.

Most kitchen cabinet dealers have displays set up to give the renovator an idea of what materials and colors look stunning together. White cabinets in a Cape Cod style look beautiful with ceramic tile countertops. Bamboo with glass countertops is a green living choice that many are making in 2016. Whatever is chosen, addressing the lifestyle and budget first will help narrow it down.


Speaking of budget, one way to save big when working with a local kitchen cabinet dealer is to consider pre-fab or rebuilt cabinets. These cabinets come in standard sizes, finishes and styles. They may also be called RTA or ready to assemble.

In fact, many savvy homeowners choose to get these cabinets, which are just as strong as their custom counterparts, and stain or paint them to the desired finish. Choose tile and laminate countertops for stock cabinets to save even more; or go for the gusto and get the granite, glass or marble counters since there was so much saved on cabinetry. These are things to consider!

Regardless, a good kitchen cabinet dealer will be able to offer plenty of options and all the necessary information to get the most out of a kitchen investment.

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